Tuesday, 5 January 2021

A distant Smew to start the new year.

 To start my new years birding on January 2nd I decided to have a gentle wander around the Trinity Broads.  First stop was Filby where I bumped into Chris Small in the carpark who told me he had seen a very distant female Smew from the fishing platform.  My first attempt was unsuccessful so I wandered down to Ormesby Little Broad, picking up a few common year-ticks but nothing of real note.  I returned to Filby and this time located the Smew but right at the back of the broad so only very poor views!

Moving on to Ormesby Broad I failed to locate the Slavonain Grebe or much else of note.

Next day I returned to Ormesby Broad for another attempt at seeing the Slavonian Grebe in 2021 but again found little of note.  In December I made 5 visits and saw the Grebe each time so rather disappointing that in 2 visits in the new year I failed to connect.