Wednesday, 20 May 2020


Highlights of a moth trap on May 8th were Iron Prominent  (left) and Clouded-bordered Brindle.  Last night was a warmer night and so a better catch including my first Hawkmoths of the year with singles of Privet, Poplar & Lime: always great to see!

Privet Hawkmoth
Poplar Hawkmoth

Lime Hawkmoth

Monday, 4 May 2020

Scorched Carpet moth

I tend not to get many Moths in my trap early in the spring so I wasn't expecting too much to be in the trap this morning.  Indeed it held only Heart & Dart & Muslin Moths but as I was putting the trap away I located a Carpet species which I didn't recognise.  I soon had it in a pot and was pleased to discover that it was my first Scorched Carpet which I believe is quite a scarce species in East Norfolk.  Well Pleased!

Scorched Carpet - an unexpected addition to my garden list.

Muslin Moth

Not much birding but an unexpected Wood Warbler

I have been obeying the lockdown so birding has been limited to my garden & work.  Chiffchaff & Stock Dove have been additions to my garden list while the best bird from the Breydon Bridge has been a superb summer plumaged Spotted Redshank.

Yesterday I received a tip-off that there was a singing Wood Warbler not far from Breydon Bridge.  I was able to walk to the site and soon heard the bird which was singing on & off.  However, it was mostly high up & views were restricted to just a few brief glimpses.  Never-the-less I was very pleased as this is a scarce bird in Norfolk these days and this was my first in Norfolk for a number of years.